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• Acoso Sexual • DUI (Conducir Ebrio) • Robos • Violencia Doméstica • Casos de ¨Three Strikes"

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Ruben T Munoz

Abogado Criminalista

I have been a Criminal Defense lawyer since 1998. I was fortunate enough to have learned from a very successful and experienced lawyer. I am a result oriented lawyer. From the very first time that I meet a client, I begin to think about the potential way to get the client the best possible result. Many times this requires doing things different from other lawyers. I have always been in private practice. I have extensive trial experience. I genuinely enjoy defending people accused of crimes, and fighting the prosecution. I am very familiar with the practice and custom of the local prosecutors and judges.

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• Asesinato • Secuestro • Venta De Drogas • Violación • Abuso De Menores • Abuso infantil


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